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Are you organizing a chess tournament? Do you need an easy-to-use programme that will guide you step by step? You just found it!

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Simple and Intuitive

Don't worry about the next stages of the tournament. This programme will guide you in a simple way.

Automatic Pairing

Pairing off players becomes easy. The programme will do it for you.


It has got a FIDE certificate. It meets all the criteria necessary to hold the tournament.

Any Device

You can run it on any device. Windows, MacOS, Android - it does not matter. You only need Internet access.

Many Languages

You can use it regardless of your linguistic abilities. The programme is available in the following languages: český, Español, فارسی, Français, Italiano, Lietuvos, Dutch, polski, русский, Türkçe, українська

Instant Publishing

The results appear automatically. Once again, the programme takes over your work.

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Trusted by Many Chess Arbiters

ChessManager is a universal programme that facilitates the work of an arbiter from many devices, regardless of the operating system.

The programme has a wide range of tie-breaks, and the ability to set filters significantly speeds up the preparation for the closing ceremony. A big advantage is the ability to use online payments when registering, and many players appreciate pairings sent via text message. This also speeds up getting to assigned chess boards, especially in large tournaments.

The entire service is very intuitive and saves a lot of time!

Magdalena Judek's picture
Magdalena Judek
International Organizer

We had doubts about certifying the online application. After many months of testing, the committee unanimously approved the software as stable and meeting all FIDE requirements.

The intuitive interface and modern functions such as sending text messages with pairing have made ChessManager my favourite programme for running individual chess tournaments.

Maciej Cybulski's picture
Maciej Cybulski
FIDE SPP Chairman

Within three years I have already held 66 local, provincial and national chess tournaments with the help of ChessManager. They are all saved in my tournament tab, so you can use them at any time.

ChessManager is still being improved by its creators, although its current formula remains unchanged. I wish the creators to continue improving it, as is everything that is happening in the world of computer science.

Ulrich Jahr's picture
Ulrich Jahr
International Arbiter

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