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Anti-Cheating Regulations To Keep Cheating Away

In 2019, a Grandmaster's quick rating rise looked like a true miracle. Despite being in his late 50s, he had entered the World's top 50, gaining roughly 150 points in just 2 years.

But there was something wrong with it.

Then in one Open tournament, where this 'Grandmaster' was participating, an arbiter noticed something suspicious. Immediately, the arbiter called the chairman of the Fair Play Commission, asking for advice in this situation.

And soon enough, this 'GM' was caught red-handed cheating using a mobile phone in the toilet. He later even admitted to this in writing.

FIDE slapped a 6-year ban and stripped him from the GM title.

Imagine what would have happened if this GM wasn't caught. How many honest players would fall victims to cheating? And how many cheaters would win 5-figure prizes through unfair means?

That's where good arbiters and FIDE's Anti-cheating protocols come into the picture. They keep the game clean, making sure it's played in a fair spirit!

Implementing anti-cheating measures is one of the essential tasks for organizers and arbiters.

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