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World Rapid & Blitz Championships 2021

I had the chance to use ChessManager during preparation for the World Rapid & Blitz Championships 2021 in Warsaw.

I found the interface to be very user friendly and intuitive. The rating lists are updated automatically every month and filtering players to award prizes in special categories only takes a few seconds.

Tania Karali's picture
Tania Karali
European Chess Union
Secretary of Arbiters Council

Intuitive and saves me so much time!

The program has a wide range of tie-breaks, and the ability to set filters significantly speeds up the preparation for the closing ceremony. A big advantage is the ability to use online payments when registering, and many players appreciate pairings sent via text message. This also speeds up getting to assigned chess boards, especially in large tournaments.

The entire service is very intuitive and saves a lot of time!

Magdalena Judek's picture
Magdalena Judek
International Arbiter

Love the modern functionality

We had doubts about certifying the online application. After many months of testing, the committee unanimously approved the software as stable and meeting all FIDE requirements.

The intuitive interface and modern functions such as sending text messages with pairing have made ChessManager my favorite program for running individual chess tournaments.

Maciej Cybulski's picture
Maciej Cybulski
FIDE Systems of Pairings and
Programs Commission Chairman

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Changes in Laws of Chess
Changes in Laws of Chess

Chess arbiters are obligated to stay updated on changes in regulations. Players often only learn about these changes during the arbiter's intervention.

Organizing the European Championship on ChessManager!
Organizing the European Championship on ChessManager!

Interviewing deputy arbiter at the European Rapid & Blitz Championship 2022!

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