How this pub organized 60+ chess tournaments without a professional organizer or arbiter!
29 sept. 2022

Every Wednesday, one pub in Poznan hosts a chess tournament.

They have now conducted over 60 such events.

But when they started in June 2021, they had no experience or expertise in organizing a chess tournament.

All they had was an idea from which the players, the pub, and chess benefit.

We sat down with Mateusz Małaczek, one of the main organizers of the tournament, for a chat.

Mateusz Małaczek

Mateusz Małaczek – Having a good time organizing the tournament.

“I’m a chess player and have a rating of about 2000. I also work as a Java developer. But I have never been a chess arbiter or anything like that.”

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Half Point Bye
31 août 2022

Half-point byes are rare. But they serve an important purpose.

In the 2018 Isle of Man chess tournament, Alexei Shirov had a blazing start to the event. After 4 rounds, he was leading the tournament with a perfect 4/4 score.

Then, he took a half-point bye, surprising many.

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Everything about Illegal moves and Irregularities in Chess
24 août 2022

In the 2019 Tata Steel India Blitz, the elite GM Vidit Gujrathi "sacrificed" his King against GM Nakamura. It was a strange move that left Nakamura baffled, looking up at the arbiter for answers.

It turns out the King "sacrifice" was an illegal move.

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Anti-Cheating Regulations To Keep Cheating Away
2 août 2022

In 2019, a Grandmaster's quick rating rise looked like a true miracle. Despite being in his late 50s, he had entered the World's top 50, gaining roughly 150 points in just 2 years.

But there was something wrong with it.

Then in one Open tournament, where this 'Grandmaster' was participating, an arbiter noticed something suspicious. Immediately, the arbiter called the chairman of the Fair Play Commission, asking for advice in this situation.

And soon enough, this 'GM' was caught red-handed cheating using a mobile phone in the toilet. He later even admitted to this in writing.

FIDE slapped a 6-year ban and stripped him from the GM title.

Imagine what would have happened if this GM wasn't caught. How many honest players would fall victims to cheating? And how many cheaters would win 5-figure prizes through unfair means?

That's where good arbiters and FIDE's Anti-cheating protocols come into the picture. They keep the game clean, making sure it's played in a fair spirit!

Implementing anti-cheating measures is one of the essential tasks for organizers and arbiters.

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Swiss System: A Complete Guide for Organizers and Arbiters
20 juil. 2022

The Swiss pairing system is used to pair the participants in the tournament.

Think about this - What are the main goals of a chess event?

From a fundamental perspective, there are two:

Find the player who's played the best chess in the event.
Determine the standing of all the players.

And to determine this, we need to test the player's strengths by making them play against each other.

And this is where the Swiss system of pairing comes into the picture.

But what makes it the most popular pairing system, one that's used in big and small chess tournaments across the globe?
Also, what exactly is the Swiss system? What are its rules?
How can you use it to discover the best players in your club?
Is there any software that pairs the players using the Swiss System?

You'll soon discover the answers to all these questions in the next 7 minutes.

Before we dive into the technical details, let's uncover the huge popularity behind this system.

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Dress code in chess
8 juil. 2022

Not following the dress code could mean a loss from a dream tournament.

In the 2017 FIDE World Cup, GM Anton Kovalyov was having a good tournament. He had beaten the 5-time world champion, GM Vishwanathan Anand in the 2nd round and progressed to the next.

As he entered the venue to play the 3rd round, the arbiter Tomasz Delega notified him that he wouldn't be allowed to play the round unless he changed to formal clothes and ditched his casual shorts.

It turns out that Anton's attire didn't conform to the tournament's dress code standards.

Things then took an ugly turn and within the next few minutes, Anton Kovalyov marched out of the venue, giving his opponent a bye and a full point.

All this controversy started just because Anton wore shorts and a casual outfit to the FIDE World Cup.

And all of it could've been easily avoided had Anton followed the dress code.

In this article, you'll learn what a chess player, a chess arbiter and an organizer should wear during tournaments.

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FIDE Seminars - Online vs In-person
8 juin 2022

FIDE seminars are educational events organized by the Federation Internationale des Echecs (FIDE), the international governing body for the sport of chess.

These seminars aim to help aspiring chess trainers, arbiters and organizers improve their respective capabilities.

Skilled chess trainers can not just teach chess but also spread the game to the common masses.
Competent arbiters and organizers are key to run chess tournaments smoothly.

All of this helps promote chess.

These seminars are hosted online or as in-person events.

Both have their pros and cons, which we'll discuss here.

Also, by the end of this article, you'll become aware of the different seminars FIDE conducts: for trainers and arbiters.

So keep reading!

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Walkovers in Chess: What players and arbiters should know
18 mai 2022

What's a walkover in chess?
How does it affect the result of the game and the rating of the players?

This is an important topic not just for the players but also for the chess arbiters.

Both parties need to know the right way to mark the result.
Players will be putting this result in the scoresheet. At the same time, the arbiters will be entering the result in a chess pairing software.

So in this article, we've created a detailed overview of this topic for both - the chess arbiters and the chess players!

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5 Unique Chess Tournaments Where You See More Than Just Chess!
4 mai 2022

Chess Tournaments – What picture comes first to your mind when you think of them?

Most probably – a bunch of serious people staring at wooden pieces. That’s how most tournaments would look.

But some exciting chess tournaments happen worldwide where you get to see more than just chess.

In one of them, you get to see your favorite chess player bantering against their rival. In another, you can explore one of the world’s best cities while playing chess and sipping beer!

In this article, we’ve combined a list of 5 unique tournaments worldwide that you’ll love to be a part of!

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How to prepare a chess tournament
29 janv. 2020

The Admin Dashboard should be done in such a way so everyone can carry out chess matches in accordance with the rules. You can organize a chess tournament without long preparation, but before its start you should think about its formula. Developing an organizational announcement is always a good idea!

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