XLI Międzynarodowe Mistrzostwa Polski w Rozwiązywaniu Zadań Szachowych

I Aim

Determination of the chess solving Polish National Champions (Men’s and Women’s) and the Polish Junior Champion.
The popularisation of chess composition and solving

II Organizers:

Committee of Solving Chess Problems at Polish Chess Federation

III Venue:

WKSz HETMAN – ul. Św. Antoniego 31b, Wrocław

IV Judge:

Set of problems will be prepared by Vasyl Dacuk (SVK). The main judge: Marek Ścisły.
Rankings and titles of the players will be based on WFCC’s official rating list.
The tournament will be organised according to WCSC rules.

V Schedule:

20.01.2018 (Saturday): 10.00 – 13.30 Rounds I-III
21.01.2018 (Sunday): 10.00 – 13.30 Rounds IV-VI
14.15 Closing ceremony

Accompanying events:
20.01.2018 (Saturday): 17.00 – 18.00 Swiss Solving Show

VI Eligibility requirements and registration

The Event is open; however; due to a limited number of participants allowed (max 20
participants) the players with WFCC official rating will have a priority.
Registration link:
In the registration letter, please inform if the chess set is needed.
Please register till 15.01.2018.

VII Prizes:

Best solvers in general classification and best Polish solvers in Polish Championship
classification will receive cups and medals.

VIII Entry fee:

The entry is free (no fee).

IX Accommodation and board:

At one’s own.
However, the organiser suggests accommodation near the solving venue in:
1. Moon Hostel – Kazimierza Wielkiego 27, Wrocław
double room. – from 169PLN (incl VAT) with breakfast
2. PURO Wrocław Stare Miasto, Włodkowica 6, Stare Miasto
double room. - from 270 PLN (incl VAT) without breakfast

X Contakt:

Piotr Górski: piotr@kod.com.pl

XI Additional information:

The final interpretation of tournament’s regulation belongs to the organizer.
The participants insure themselves.