Quiz for Chess Arbiters

Question 1

Where should the chessclock be placed?

Question 2

Which of the following situations ends the game immediately?

Question 3

The choice of the promoted piece is finalised when:

Question 4

Rate of play: 8 min + 3 sec increment per move starting from move 1, is:

Question 5

What is the result of the game if both players do not appear in the playing hall?

Question 6

A player may claim a draw if the same position occurs three times before:

Question 7

Swiss system: When the player can receive the same colour three times in a row?

Question 8

During the promotion:

Question 9

Rapid chess: in the 5th move, the player with the white pieces is punished for an illegal move. On move 10 he castled using his left hand and pressed the clock with his right hand. Arbiter:

Question 10

When a piece shall be considered "touched" on the visually disabled player's board?